The Issues

As a candidate I'm going to be spending the coming weeks and months getting to know you and your concerns.

Both sides of the aisle in Washington, filled with longtime incumbents and lackluster leadership, have failed to not just uphold their principles but have failed to legislate and compromise.

Like you, I believe so many things require attention in Washington:

  • I believe we need to fix our politics and reform our electoral and campaign systems.
  • We need universal national healthcare
  • We need to fix and expand our decaying infrastructure, especially local transit and trains
  • We need to ensure human rights for every American and support those abroad who seek the same freedoms
  • We need comprehensive gun control. We're the only country in the world where gun violence kills and maims so many.
  • Our men and women in the Armed Forces are deployed all over the world now in harms way. They represent the best of our country.
    • Our foreign policy should uphold our values abroad and honor service members' sacrifices when they return. 
  • Education and hard work are access points to the America dream. I support making our schools better – from elementary through vocational training and college – and not saddling young people with burdensome debt

I could go on about policy issues. I trust that you and I share the same values for our country and its future. I’m reminded of this quote from FDR’s Four Freedom’s Speech. Given in 1941 during the darkest days of WWII, I think it encapsulates how I feel:

“For there is nothing mysterious about the foundations of a healthy and strong democracy. The basic things expected by our people of their political and economic systems are simple. They are: Equality of opportunity for youth and for others. Jobs for those who can work. Security for those who need it. The ending of special privilege for the few. The preservation of civil liberties for all.”

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