DeSaulnier Praises Syria Bombing Without Congressional Authorization

Congressman DeSaulnier Issues Twitter and Facebook Social Media Posts Praising Bombing of Syria Despite Lack of an AUMF From Congress 

This View Hews DeSaulnier Close to Few Democrats but Many in the GOP

Moreover, His Support for Trump’s Syrian Attack Distances Him From His Fellow Bay Area House Colleagues, His 11th District Constituents, and His Democratic Opponent Dennis Lytton


April 15, 2018
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Pleasant Hill, CA – On the evening of Friday, April 13th, shortly after the attack on Syria were announced by the President, DeSaulnier took to Twitter and Facebook and applauded the attacks. “I’m grateful we’re . . . carry[ing] out these attacks,” DeSaulnier said. This despite the lack of any Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) since 2001 (for 9/11) and 2003 (to initiate the Iraq War).

Several of DeSaulnier’s Bay Area colleagues in the House took to Twitter to condemn Trump for attacking without Congressional authority*.

  • Eric Swalwell: “We cannot allow #Syria’s use of chemical weapons. We also cannot allow an unhinged (or hinged) President to unilaterally take America to war. We can stop both. Go to Congress, @realDonaldTrump. Tell us length of time, # of troops, and terrain covered. Americans deserve a voice."

  • Barbara Lee: “By illegally bombing Syria, President Trump has once again denied the American people any oversight or accountability in this endless war. Congress, not the president, has the power to authorize military action."

  • Nancy Pelosi: “[Trump] must come to Congress to obtain a new AUMF, present a clear set of objectives, & ultimately hold Putin accountable for the bloodshed he has enabled.”

  • Ro Khanna: “Trump’s strike on Syria was unconstitutional.”

DeSaulnier’s comments to his Tweet and Facebook post supporting the attacks were savaged in the reply Tweets and comments, see below:

(on Facebook)

(on Twitter)

“The Assad regime is Syria is despicable and vile. And by all reasonable accounts responsible for using horrific chemical weapons against its own people,” DeSaulnier Democratic challenger Dennis Lytton asserted.

However, Lytton joins the Bay Area US House of Representatives delegation and the people of California’s 11th district in condemning more war without Congressional approval, “There should be a fresh AUMF from Congress before any military action. The War Powers Act and Article One of the Constitution vests that power in the Congress. DeSaulnier is amazingly out-of-touch with both his constituents and his fellow Bay Area Members of Congress.”

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Dennis Lytton is a Democrat challenging Congressmember DeSaulnier in the June Open Primary for California’s 11th Congressional District. He a Supervisor of Operations at the Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART), a recognized expert on transportation policy, and an AFSCME member. The father of two young boys is married to Amelia and they live in Pleasant Hill in central Contra Costa County.


* Links to their statements on Twitter:

@RepBarbaraLee –

@NancyPelosi –

@RepSwalwell –

@RoKhanna –

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