Congressman DeSaulnier Uses Non-Union Printing for Campaign Signs

California 11th District Democratic Congressman Mark DeSaulnier Uses Non-Union Print Shops for Campaign Materials

Democratic Campaigns Nearly Always Use Unionized Labor for Printing Materials Such as Signs, Banners, Mailers, and Palmcards

DeSaulnier's Use of a "Right-To-Work" Print Shop Shows His Lack of Commitment to Middle Class Union Families and Their Jobs

May 17, 2018
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Pleasant Hill, CA -- Dennis Lytton and his volunteers, while placing campaign signs in the 11th District noticed something stunning and unexpected for a Democrat.

"DeSaulnier's signs don't have a Union Label. It would never even occur to me to not see the bug on a Democrat's sign," Lytton said yesterday after he and another volunteer noticed this.

Commonly called a union bug, the Union Label symbol certifies that the men and women who printed the materials are receiving decent wages and benefits through collective bargaining and work in safe facilities that practice responsible labor-management relations.

DeSaulnier's signs large and small, including a large 3ft. by 6ft banner all lacked a Union Label. Rather than a Union Label, DeSaulnier's signs on the lower corners assert they were made at an outfit called "Kirk Briggs Signs, Inc" along with the phone number 209-848-8688. That number has been disconnected. An internet search shows that that printer, located in Oakdale, California northeast of Modesto at 551 S.Yosemite Ave, has no website either. A Google streetview timelapse map shows that the sign "Kirk Briggs Signs" was removed several years ago from what now appears to be an abandoned warehouse.



Pictured above: Mark DeSaulnier signage without the Union Label (Photos by Dennis Lytton)


Pictured above: Lytton for Congress sign with the Union Label

An August 2016 article seems to confirm that Kirk Briggs Signs is a hotbed of non-Union campaign printing. The article quotes 29 year old Samantha Briggs, apparently daughter of the proprietor of Kirk Briggs Signs, Inc. She said her father compares the campaign sign business to date farming: “Every two years, there’s a great big harvest.”

Dennis Lytton’s statement on non-Union printing by Mark DeSaulnier:


“The use of the Union Label on printed campaign material is not just some check-off box for Democrats. I'm a member of AFSCME as a Supervisor at BART. I've spent much of my professional life as a union represented supervisor in public transportation. It's a big part of who I am both professionally and politically. Support of organized labor, compared to our opponents, shows we support good middle-class jobs with dignity for working men and women in this country. Unions have been under attack for a generation. I'll always work on the side of organized labor because they offer a better vision for shared prosperity and workplace self-respect.”

“I use unionized shops for my printing needs because I have a responsibility to practice-what-I-preach and walk-the-walk. My campaign’s message on my printed material, with the Union Label in the corner, is a way to communicate to voters that I will work for them – for good jobs, for security for those who need it, and for our country. That printed message needs to be printed by unionized shops.”

“Apparently DeSaulnier has never seen his signs. Or if he has he thinks that non-Union printing is a good option for a Democrat. His signs have an invalid phone number in the corner for a business that has no other valid contact information or even a sign on their front door. Whatever the reason, I think it reflects terribly on DeSaulnier's judgement. At the very least, he should remove the signs from the community and replace them with Union printshop produced ones.”

“Mark is a nice enough guy. But he's been a career politician in Contra Costa County for more than 20 years. He got his big break when, as a Republican, he was appointed by Republican Governor Pete Wilson to the Board of Supervisors. It's fair to question his support of organized labor considering his past and his support of non-Unionized printing for his campaign. The voters of Contra Costa County need a Democratic choice for Congressman that's pro-labor. It's clear today that I'm that choice and I ask for their vote.”


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Dennis Lytton is a Democrat challenging Congressmember DeSaulnier in the June Open Primary for California’s 11th Congressional District. He a Supervisor of Operations at the Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART), a recognized expert on transportation policy, and an AFSCME member. The father of two young boys is married to Amelia and they live in Pleasant Hill in central Contra Costa County.

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